We would like to invite you to the screening of documentary films presenting little-known locations in Greece as well as the life of people there. 

After the screening which will be held in the Kinematograf cinema on Saturday, 27 of May, at 3 PM, we will talk about Greece and films with our guests: Anna Biernacka-Rygiel, the author of a blog titled Greckomi, and Doctor Ewa Róża Janion, a graduate from Modern Greek Philology, Italian Sutdies and Culture Studies in Mediterranean Civilisation at the University of Warsaw.

The films have been chosen by Aleksandra Ciupa, a classical and modern Greek linguist, and a tutor of modern Greek.

The Grocer
directed by: Dimitris Koutsiabasakos

Nikos Anastasiju, a mobile grocery seller, travels the same route with his wife Sofija all year around. Their weekly travels begins from Trikala and end after they reach nearly deserted villages in the South-West section of the Pindos mountains. Dimitris Koutsiabasakos presents the work of two sellers over four seasons and thusly takes the viewer for a trip around picturesque areas of Greece, enabling them to meet people living in these forgotten places.

Little Land
directed by: Nikos Dayandas

Due to a growing crisis in Greece many young, jobless people head for the province hoping their lives will changes for better once they reach it. Nikos Dayandas takes the viewer for a trip with 35-year-old Teodor who is moving from Athens to the island of Ikaria, where he plans to live on whatever he gets from his land. He gets acquainted with local community that functions based on cooperation and mutual support. He meets people whose lives are long and full of satisfaction. The film author tries to answer the question where the secret of the places lies and what we can learn now, at the time of economic and social unrest, from the island residents and their simple lifestyle.

The film comes with English subtitles. Free entrance.

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