Janusz Majewski and Zofia Turowska, the author of the biography, will be the guests of the Museum on Thursday, March the 2nd, at 6 PM. After the meeting we would like to invite you to the screening of a film titled “Po sezonie” (After the Season).

As a 7-year-old he got a film projector for children for Christmas. Later he wanted to enrol in the Film School but he graduated from architecture in Cracow instead. Yet, his love for cinema turned out to be stronger. In 1960 he graduated from the Direction Department of the Łódź Film School.
Together with the Marginesy Publishing House we would like to invite you to a meeting with Janusz Majewski and Zofia Turowska, the author of biography titled Janusz Majewski. Film – Kobieta jego życia.
A fragment of the book reads: “From the first screening in the Lviv cinema “Chimera” I was moved by the atmosphere of cinema room. The lights go out, the viewers hold their breath, the link of group film watching experience is established: they all laugh together, feel scared, take part in mystery and magic of moving pictures. From that moment I belong to a group of people who believe that it is worthwhile making, showing and watching films. We have been infected with a cinema virus. This infection forced us into a long-lasting, treatment resistant illness. This is of course a mental disease and we, madmen and maniacs infected with a virus worse than AIDS cannot be placed in isolation. That is why films are still needed. This is the only cure of those infected with the cinema virus. I tasted this please, the magic of film-making, which for me balanced on the verge of sensual sensations. The film enabled me to create myself: I became a frequent guest of American magazines which I had studied as a boy. And I still feel good about it”.
After the meeting led by Anna Michalska and Agata Gwizdała we would like to invite you to the screening of Janusz Majewski’s film Po sezonie (After the Season).
Ticket 13/15 PLN

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