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Project titled “Elusive Cinema – Polish Film Programmes. Part 1” covers film programmes that are usually treated as subjects that would be difficult to put on display due to their small size and fragility of old paper.

Yet, they constitute a valuable source of knowledge about cinematography despite the fact that they have rarely been examined before and the so-far published materials are few and differ from those belonging to the Film Museum in Łódź. Our holdings consist of several thousand film programmes from all periods of the cinema history.
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When in May 2016 the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage announced the programme named “Digital Culture” we decided to prepare a virtual exhibition presenting the development of graphic and literary forms in film advertising materials from the beginning of the cinema on Polish territory to our times. We called this project “Elusive Cinema”, making a reference to transient and fragile nature of film promoting programmes.
The project has been implemented in cooperation with the State Archive in Łódź thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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