Film Form Workshop

On the 11th and 12th of January at 7 P.M. we would like to invite you to a review of films devoted to avant-garde art, produced by former members of the Film Form Workshop.

Film Form Workshop is an art group which was active at the Łódź Film School in 1970–1977. It was one of the formations that exerted a decisive influence on the Polish art in the 1970s. and consecutive decades of the 20th century. It was a pioneer group in the context of conceptual artistic practice and analytical art. It was active in almost all visual creation spheres. The Workshop members perpetuated avant-garde traditions, presenting a conceptual-analytical attitude, and at the same time acknowledging their ties to Dadaism represented by Stefan and Franciszka Themerson as well as Constructivism of Władysław Strzemiński and Katarzyna Kobro.
The review accompanies the exhibition titled “Film Form Workshop” which is on display in the Łódź Atlas Sztuki Gallery until February 19, 2017.
In the Kinematograf cinema we will you show among others: Konstruktywizm w Polsce (Constructivism in Poland) (part I and II), dir. Ryszard Waśko, 1979, 17’ , Educational Film Studio; Wielość rzeczywistości Leona Chwistka (Plurality of Realities according to Leon Chwistek), dir. Ryszard Waśko, 1978, 14’ , Educational Film Studio; Z medio-magnetycznego atelier Tytusa Czyżewskiego (From a Media-Magnetic Atelier of Tytus Czyżewski), dir. Józef Robakowski, 1979, 16’, Educational Film Studio; Witkacy, dir. Józef Robakowski, 1980, 17’, Educational Film Studio; Żywa Galeria (Live Gallery), dir. Józef Robakowski, 1974, 25’, Educational Film Studio; Władysław Strzemiński – Konstruowanie widzenia (Construction of Seeing), dir. Józef Robakowski, produced by Polish Television and Exchange Gallery, 1993; Nieskończoność linii –Wacław Szpakowski (The Infinity of the Line – Wacław Szpakowski), dir. Józef Robakowski, produced by Polish Television and Exchange Gallery, 1992; Krzesła (Chairs), dir. Wojciech Bruszewki, 1977, 15’, Educational Film Studio.
All films were recorded on 35 mm film.

Free entrance.

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