W kręgu neoawangardy – Warsztat Formy Filmowej / In The Neo-avant-garde Circle – The Workshop of Film Form

eds. Marzena Bomanowska, Alicja Cichowicz

Published by: Muzeum Kinematografii w Łodzi. Łódź, 2017

Price: 67 zł

Celebrating the Avant-Garde Year in Poland, the Film Museum in Łódź presents a monograph on the Workshop of the Film Form, an artistic group which radicaly affected Polish art int the 1970s and the following decades of the twentieth century.

Active in almost allvisual domains, artists connected with the Workshop were mostly concerned with film and photography, they produced their works at the famous Film School in Łódź. From the very begining, they frequented international avant-garde and experimental art festivals.

The grup’s members – Józef Robakowski, Zbigniew Rybczyński (who received the Academy Award for his Tango), Ryszard Waśko and others have never ceased creating.

The book is subsidized by the Minister of Cultural and National Heritage.

Sejsmograf duszy. Kino według Marii Kornatowskiej (Soul Seismograph. Cinema According to Maria Kornatowska)
Eds. Tadeusz Szczepański
Published by: Film Museum in Lodz, Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre, Lodz, 2016
Price: 52.40 PLN

More than 500 pages of this beautifully designed book contain apart from essays, articles, reviews and interviews with Maria Kornatowska also memories of her. The prominent film critic, lecturer and a legend of the Łódź Film School is recalled by among others: Krystyna Serejska-Olszer, Agnieszka Holland, Jolanta Dylewska, Annette Insdorf, Grażyna Torbicka, Małgorzata Kałuża, Elżbieta Wittlin-Lipton, Tadeusz Szczepański, Lech Majewski, Sławomir Grünberg, rev. Andrzej Luter, Tadeusz Sobolewski, Andrzej Kołodyński, Gabriele Iacovone, Filip Bajon, Mariusz Grzegorzek, Mitko Panov, Zbigniew Rybczyński, Grzegorz Królikiewicz, Richard Pena, Mariusz Wilczyński, Zbigniew Wichłacz.

Filmy Romana Polańskiego w światowym plakacie filmowym/Roman Polański’s Films in World Film Posters
Eds. Marzena Bomanowska, Krystyna Zamysłowska
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2015.
Price: 54 PLN

This meticulously edited album contains, apart from reprints of posters, comments of the director and the people he worked with. The people who speak about Polański on the pages of this publication are among others: Peter GreenawayJerzy SkolimowskiAdrien BrodyWoody Allen and Brett Ratner. The album has already won recognition in Poland and abroad (e.g. it was praised by The Hollywood Reporter and Screen International). – This is one of the most beautiful albums of this type I have ever seen. Outstanding, precise work. A few hundred pages reveal in front of us a story of international reception of Polański’s films: how they fascinate the viewers and artists around the world; how differently they have been and continue to be interpreted – says Michał Oleszczyk, the Artistic Director of the Gdynia Film Festival.


Filmy Andrzeja Wajdy w światowym plakacie filmowym/Andrzej Wajda’s Films in World Film Posters
Eds. Krystyna Zamysłowska, Mieczysław Kuźmicki
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2014
Price: 40 PLN

A catalogue of posters accompanying Andrzej Wajda’s films reflects enormous popularity his works enjoy around the world. – I would like to thank the Museum for this magnificent catalogue which aroused my admiration – wrote Andrzej Wajda himself.


Jerzy Wójcik. Sformowana energia/Jerzy Wójcik. Shaped Energy
Eds. Andrzej B. Czulda, Łukasz Grygiel, Mieczysław Kuźmicki
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2014
Out of print.

A book accompanying a monograph exhibition dedicated to Jerzy Wójcik.


Polska Miauczyńskich/Poland of the Miauczyńscy
Dominika Kawczyńska
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2014
Price: 15 PLN

A sketch of the Polish intelligentsia based on Marek Koterski’s films.


Za kurtyną pamięci. Trójwyznaniowy Cmentarz Stary w Łodzi/ Behind the Memory Curtain. A Three-Religion Old Cemetery in Lodz
(a book + DVD „Nekropolis. Łódzkie trójprzymierze cieni/ Necropolis. Lodz Triple Alliance of Shadows”)
Eds. Andrzej B. Czulda, Łukasz Grygiel, Mieczysław Kuźmicki
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2014
Price: 45 PLN

The author recalls over 700 family names of the Lodz citizens who, owing to their work, scientific and artistic achievements, social efforts or bravery, deserve our memory.


Zapiski scenografa/Notes of a Scenographer
Bogdan Sölle
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2014
Price: 15 PLN.

A film journey through the artistic work of a scenographer, Bogdan Solle, full of anecdotes and secrets of working on a filmset.


Andrzej Pągowski. Ilustrując filmy/Andrzej Pągowski. Illustrating Films
eds.  Barbara Kurowska
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2013
Price: 50 PLN

“A poster is the shortest review of a film. It should be a prolongation of the film atmosphere, it should have the same message and it should bring out the most irritating elements. A poster can elaborate on either ugliness or beauty, but it has to be clearly noticeable. An unnoticed poster dies” says Andrzej Pągowski – the main character of this publication and one of the greatest artists of the Polish School of Posters.


Faces of Agnieszka Holland. Poland. Europe. The World./Twarze Agnieszki Holland. Polska. Europa. Świat.          

Eds. Krystyna Zamysłowska, Mieczysław Kuźmicki
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2013
Price: 35 PLN

An extensive, richly illustrated presentation of Agnieszka Holland’s artistic achievement.


Jerzy Kawalerowicz. Painter of the Tenth Muse./Jerzy Kawalerowicz. Malarz X Muzy
Eds. Mieczysław Kuźmicki, Krystyna Zamysłowska, Stanisław Zawiśliński
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2012
Price: 35 PLN

A biography of one of the most distinguished artists of the Polish film culture. Richly illustrated with film posters and photos, often of a unique nature


Musi zostać rysa. Przewodnik po twórczości filmowej Janusza Morgensterna/There Must Be a Scratch. A Guide through the Film Work of Janusz Morgenstern
Eds.  Mieczysław Kuźmicki, Andrzej B. Czulda, Łukasz Grygiel
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2012
Price: 28 PLN

Friends, colleagues, students recall Janusz Morgenstern and film-studies experts describe his achievements. The book is filled with film photos and posters.


Świat według Kieślowskiego/The World According to Kieślowski
Eds.  Barbara Kurowska
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2011
Price: 40 PLN

A portrait of Krzysztof Kieślowski – superbly documented and rich in illustrations.


Roman Polański. Schauspieler. Regisseur/Roman Polański. Actor. Director 
Eds.  Barbara Kurowska
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2010

Roman Polański. Aktor. Reżyser/Roman Polański. Actor. Director
Eds.  Barbara Kurowska
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2009
Price: 30 PLN

A monograph of the great director. Even he was surprised with the abundance of collected material. The illustrations include many unique photographs, posters, photo-documentation materials.


Pola Negri. Legenda kina/Pola Negri. A Cinema Legend
Eds.  Barbara Kurowska
Published by: The Film Museum, Lodz 2008
Price: 25 PLN

A story of the life and career of the pre-war film star of Polish origin. The book is richly illustrated with unique archival photos.


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