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Winners of the Media Festival

The 26th Media Festival “Man in Danger” was closed on the 26th of November. For the first time in history the jury granted two main awards.

“Considering the high level as well as diversity of genres and styles of the films entered into the competition of the Man in Danger Media Festival – the jury of the 26th Festival edition decided to award the Grand Prix – the White Cobra statuette and the Award of the City of Łódź at the amount of 12 thousand PLN, ex aequo (dividing up the financial prize equally and granting 6 thousand PLN each of the winners) to two authors: Paweł Łoziński for the film titled You Don’t Even Know How Much I love You, for courageous trespassing of genre limits in a film about the inability to communicate between the closest relatives, and Anna Zamecka for the film titled Communion, for illustrating a heroic battle aimed at bringing back together a broken family through the perspective of intimate and in-depth film observations”.
“The Patient Eye Award in Honour of Kazimierz Karabasz” at the amount of 10 thousand PLN founded by the National Centre for Culture went to Piotr Stasik for the film 21 x New York – a poetic vision of human solitude in a vast metropolis.
The jury gave the Award of the Polish Filmmakers Association at the amount of 5 thousand PLN founded by the Polish Filmmakers Association to Paweł Wysoczański for the film Jurek, in which the author created a comprehensive and thoughtful portrait of a man fulfilling his passions at the border between life and death.
The Award for Overcoming Dangers named after Aleksander Kamiński at the amount of 6 thousand PLN went to Maciej Adamek for the film Two Worlds – for sensitive depiction of the burden of responsibility weighing on a brave girl who has to ensure communication between her deaf parents and the surrounding world.
The Best Reportage Award at the amount of 5 thousand PLN is given ex aequo (diving the financial prize equally and granting 2,5 thousand PLN to each winner) to: Tomasz Patora for the film The Illness Continues and Ernest Saj for the film Escape from Hell. The reportage authors pay attention to striking violation of basic human rights.
The Award of the Monumentum Iudaicum Lodzense Foundation for the best film covering the Jewish subject matter went to Michał Bukojemski for the film Sierakowiak’s Journal for finding a film form of presenting a shocking Holocaust document.
Marek Rudnicki for his film Pa, Kochanie won the Award of the University of the Third Age named after Helena Kretz for a subtle and touching story of friendship in a wide historical context.
Honorary Diplomas of the 26th Media festival Man in Danger were awarded to: Krystian Matysek for the film Honey Hunters for discussing and important, ecology-related issue in a visually attractive form and Aleksandra Rek for the film Right Side of Cello for an original and visually sublime portrait of an artist who, forced to fend off illness, does not give up art.
The jury of the 26th Man in Danger Media Festival consisted of: Vita Drygas, Monika Pawluczuk and Andrzej Sapija as well as a film expert, Tadeusz Szczepański.
The Media Festival is focused on documentary films presenting threats facing modern man and promoting openness to other cultures, beliefs and behaviours. Since the 22nd of November the audience in the Film Museum saw 61 films and took part in several meetings with their authors.

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