Museum at the 41st Film Festival In Gdynia

On September 19 – 24 we would like to invite you to Gdynia to exhibitions we helped to prepare as well as to book promotion meetings.

Exhibition Krzysztof Kieślowski. Photographs from the City of Łódź
In the gallery of the Gdynia Film Centre we will present an exhibition prepared by the Film Museum and titled Photographs from the City of Łódź.
These are black and white photos taken by Kieślowski who at that time was the 1st year student at the Direction Department of the Łódź Film School in academic year 1965/1966. A few dozen photographs constitute a unique document of the era still remembered for “cucumber” buses, school uniforms with white collars intended for boys, “knives” game… They depict Łódź, which in autumn it is bathed in rain and in winter covered with snow, with its new skyscrapers and old houses, dark alleys, home yards, shop windows, balcony balustrades and with its people – adults with weary, tired – often old – faces as well as laughing children. They move, evoke memories, prompt reflection.
The photographs make up a complex portrait of the city presented through the prism of a man who – as we learned later – was always the main focus of Kieślowski’s film works. All works – made available by Maria Kieślowska – belong to the director’s family archive.

Exhibition of Andrzej Pągowski’s works
The Gdynia Festival will display an open-air exhibition of Andrzej Pągowski’s works Kieślowski Re-examined – Film Posters on the 20th Anniversary of the Director’s Death.
Kieślowski himself included the following note in the catalogue accompanying Pągowski’s exhibition titled “Miasto Plakatów (The City of Posters)” in the Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw: It does matter who prepares a poster. I trust some people – if he made a poster I try to get a ticket. I do not trust other people – It doesn’t matter to me what they like…
Cooperation between Kieślowski and Pągowski continued for many years. It resulted in a series of posters among others for Amator (Camera Buff)Przypadek (Blind Chance) or Krótki film o miłości (A Short Film About Love).
On the 20th anniversary of the director’s death Andrzej Pągowski returns after many years to the same films. He watches them again, richer with the experience of the years gone by. The artist was 26 when he created the poster for Amator (Camera Buff) and 40 when he prepared the poster for Niebieski (Three Colors: Blue). He turned 63 this year. He believes he had a totally different perception of these films and designs his works in a completely different way. He noted that Kieślowski put emphasis on something else than he initially suspected. Pągowski can only see it now after all his so-far experience. The collection will consist of posters for all films Kieślowski directed, including shorts and documentaries as well as the whole Dekalog (The Decalogue).
The Film Museum is a co-organiser of the exhibition.

Exhibition ANDRZEJ WAJDA 40/90
On 6 March 2016 Andrzej Wajda turned 90. He has so far completed 40 feature films, which gave origin to the exhibition title: 40/90. The exhibition presents chronologically all features by Andrzej Wajda which were produced over 60 years: from Pokolenie (A Generation) – his debut dated 1954 to Powidoki – his latest film about Władysław Strzemiński, which will have its special pre-screening during the Festival.
The exhibition comprises several large, illuminated racks; apart from stills, photo-documentation from film sets (on-site photos) and posters there are also photocodes referring to fragments of films and trailers.
The Film Museum in Łódź provided its collection of posters for the excellent director’s films. Exhibition organiser: Filmoteka Narodowa (National Film Archive).

Book promotion events
We would like to invite you to two book promotion events scheduled to be held in the Gdynia Film Centre. The Film Museum will promote its latest publication prepared jointly with the Łódź Film School Sejsmograf duszy. Kino według Marii Kornatowskiej edited by Professor Tadeusz Szczepański.
More than 500 pages of the beautifully designed book contain apart from essays, articles, reviews
and interviews with Maria Kornatowska also memories of her. The prominent film critic, lecturer and a legend of the Łódź Film School is recalled by among others: Krystyna Serejska-Olszer, Agnieszka Holland, Annette Insdorf, Grażyna Torbicka, Małgorzata Kałuża, Elżbieta Wittlin-Lipton, Lech Majewski, Sławomir Grünberg, ks. Andrzej Luter, Tadeusz Sobolewski, Andrzej Kołodyński, Gabriele Iacovone, Filip Bajon, Mariusz Grzegorzek, Mitko Panov, Zbigniew Rybczyński, Grzegorz Królikiewicz.

Bookshop/Gallery of the Gdynia Film Centre – Thursday, 22 September 2016, 1 pm.
Free entrance.

Kieślowski po latach. W zwierciadle opinii i wspomnień edited by Stanisław Zawiśliński and Krystyna Zamysłowska – a publication of a documentary-educational-promotional nature accompanies the events related to the 20th anniversary of Krzysztof Kieślowski’s death and 75th anniversary of his birth. Krystyna Zamysłowska, a co-editor of the book, is the main cataloguer of the Łódź Film Museum holdings.
The book editors present a collection of memories, opinions and concepts related to Kieślowski and the reception of his works, which surfaced in the 20 years after the director’s death. The book published by Stowarzyszenie KinoArt includes also a sets of articles titled “Odkryte po latach”, revealing previously unknown fragments of Krzysztof Kieślowski’s life.

Bookshop/Gallery of the Gdynia Film Centre – Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 2 pm.
Free entrance.


41st Film Festival in Gdynia will be held on September 19 – 24, 2016.


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